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Video Poker: go for it

Video poker is a casino game played on computerized sheet similar to slot game. It is a game based on five card draw poker.

It is played in similar manner like slot machine. Money is inserted in the machine and the play starts with a bet. After placing bet of one or more credits and pressing the deal button, the card is given to the player. If the player has winning hands, the machine pays out after the draw.

The standard video poker is same as table poker. It has hands such as two pair, three of a kind, 5 cards of different suits, flush, full house, and four cards of same value, straight flush and royal flush. Flush means any five cards of the same suits. Full house represents a pair and three of a kind. Straight flush means 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. Royal flush is a ten, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace of the same suit.

The video poker machine looks like slot machine. The machine on which player are playing is his alone. First he has to decide the game he want to play and the coin size. Coin size is basically the number of coins that he will be playing with. Once the coin is selected it is loaded to the machine and the player presses the deal button. The player will be dealt with five cards and he has to make the best poker hand from the cards to win the game.